The new watch for men by Cartier: Calibre, the aptly-named!

The famous watchmaker-jeweler Cartier has just presented its latest male creation: a round watch stated and virile design that displays the identity codes of the brand (needles sword, Roman numerals, spinel cabochon-shaped) while displaying a 42 mm resolutely contemporary and powerful case. A stylish timepiece that is from Moreover, weapon of the first 100% Cartier self-winding mechanical movement: calibre 1904 MC.

At first glance, the Watch calls! Power lines, sturdiness of the box, original architecture; It is clearly a character watch. Printing multiplied by its mechanical construction: a round box with a diameter of 42 mm enhanced a bezel and extended by four curved horns that come to nest in the cylindrical fairing.

A new Cartier timepiece, which enjoys a comfort to wear exceptional. A second skin that needs its ergonomics to the four horns that plunge towards the wrist to marry form. His profile is punctuated by a double shoulder satin and polished that protects the Crown half-timbered (which is not reminiscent of the famous Santos) any shocks affecting the proper functioning.

The bezel that enhances the box plays, also on contrasts: smooth and polished on the outside, it radicalized side housing. A free fall to 28 degrees to the dial which completes its run in the form of a Groove composed of 120 crans. A subtle detail that makes reference to watch workings and the spirit "manufacture" of this new shows male.

The dial reinterprets with virility the watchmaking codes of the House as Roman numerals. Note to noon an extra-large XII figure and slightly embossed which dominates the dial with outrageousness. On the back of the watch, the transparent Sapphire reveals the 1904 MC, first automatic movement 100% Cartier calibre. A development perspective of the savoir-faire of the House which is working with this new male emblem to seduce lovers of fine watchmaking.

Caliber 1904 MC is a reflection of intense and ambitious research conducted by Cartier for several years on the front of the clock and watch industry mechanisms. This willingness by the House to develop its own movements, be they simple or complications, confirms its priority to focus on the great tradition of Swiss Watch manufactures.

Baptized 1904 MC in tribute to a founding date of watchmaking history Cartier, the first automatic movement 100% House continues the vitality of a watchmaking guided by the desire to go further. A conquest of time that makes sense in 1904 when Louis Cartier creates for his friend aviator Alberto Santos Dumont one of the first modern wristwatches to read the time in mid-flight while keeping hands on the controls. An advanced lightning, born of a passion, a taste of adventure and a pioneering spirit that propels the watch into a modern era. More than a century later, the 1904 MC movement signed a new watch page of the Cartier House.

This new calibre of 11 lines was designed to ensure perfect chronometric stability regardless of the level of winding of the watch, it has been given an hour or all day. To do this, the movement is equipped with a double-barrel which guarantees an excellent mainspring torque on a long-term stability and thus allows to control and stabilize the chronometric precision.

Caliber 1904 MC is equipped with a fine adjustment system, so that fits perfectly the Chronometry of the movement. This, essential to ensure the accuracy of market, is done by the master-watchmakers Cartier by carefully adjusting the racket C-shaped arrow. To enable each user to set his watch to the nearest second, Cartier has equipped the caliber 1904 MC of a stop-second system. By pulling the Crown in the end, the small second hand stops instantly and restarts the application by repositioning the Crown against the box.

Reassembly of automatic movements system is regularly subject to high stresses that may affect its operation. To overcome this weakness, the 1904 MC gauge is equipped with a system of ball bearings in ceramic, located in the center of the rotor, which provides extreme durability and excellent maintenance in the event of shocks.

Cartier was also bailed off traditional present inverters in the mechanisms of automatic winding for the benefit of a ratchet system which is "even more innovative. "It allows to optimize the comfort of armament of the watch through increased speed of winding" says the brand in its release. Finally, when the watch is worn, the oscillating automatically escalates the movement regardless of its direction of rotation through a two-way winding system.

The development of this all-new Cartier movement relies on a specialized cell of 20 people that integrates all the steps leading to the manufacture: creation, development, industrialization, prototypie and approval. A process long and relentless, essential to ensure the quality of a new gauge upstream of its production. Reliability, robustness and accuracy of the 1904 MC calibre were tested using an extremely rigorous tests carried out within the laboratory Protocol Cartier de La Chaux-de-Fonds.